『Polakids APP』是4-12歲孩童父母最便利的教養工具,以性格教育為核心,提供兒童性格測試並建議因材施教方案,由玩中學的概念派發性格闖關任務,讓父母陪伴孩子在生活中挑戰成長,培養性格優勢、補強弱項,並延伸各種特質學習活動、特質學習親子桌遊等,讓孩子的潛能在父母的支持中自信發揚。

Not everyone is equipped with professional parenting skills. Sometimes, you feel very helpless and alone because you don’t know what’s the best for your kids. And that’s exactly why you need our app, Polakids! We team up with technology and education professionals that strive to make parenting better for you and your kids. We gamify and simplify the once boring and mundane parenting stuff into fun and enjoyable small daily challenges. As a parent, you simply just need to guide your child to fulfill these challenges. With every challenge completed, the child wins a star; and with stars the child can get virtual rewards on the app as their incentive to keep earning more stars. If you are having parenting issues, no worries, we also provide professional consultant services. Polakids is willing to guide you along every step of the way on this parenting journey.



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