AI VR 遊戲設計中心
AI VR Game Design Center

義守大學 AI VR 遊戲設計中心培育未來智慧娛樂與元宇宙人才,具備虛實整合與VR遊戲設計能力的跨域人才,涵蓋人工智慧、VR遊戲設計、虛實整合跨域課程,包含機器學習、深度學習、人工智慧與遊戲設計、人工智慧與虛實整合。

The AI VR Game Design Center of I-Shou University cultivates future intelligent entertainment and Metaverse talents, and cross-domain industry with virtual-real integration and VR game design capabilities, covering artificial intelligence, VR game design, virtual-real integration cross-domain courses, including machine learning, deep learning, Artificial intelligence and game design, artificial intelligence and virtual reality integration.



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