VAR LIVE透過匯聚各領域專業的人才,除了堅強的技術團隊,更加入實體建置、特效道具、音樂音效與營運品牌行銷團隊,都為了實現讓玩家能呼朋引伴,沉浸在虛擬實境中感受極緻深度與刺激的娛樂體驗中,也讓提供合作夥伴更多經驗與資源挹注,這是全球數位娛樂產業首創的經營模式。

VAR LIVE By gathering professionals in various fields, the company has not only owned a strong technical team, but also physical construction, special effects & props, music sound effects, and operating brand marketing team. All of these are designed to allow players to enjoy a deep and exciting entertainment experience in virtual reality, as well as to give partners more experience and resources to inject. This is a first-of-its-kind business model for the global digital entertainment industry.



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