AR PLAZA 沉浸式AR互動體驗
AR PLAZA Immersive AR Experience

AR Plaza是一款全新沉浸式AR互動體驗平台,結合獨創光標籤定位技術,可應用於室內與戶外環境,不只能打造專屬於的AR世界,還能邀請其他使用者共同探索,打破過去AR服務僅限個別體驗的限制,享受與真實世界更具連結的虛擬互動體驗。

AR Plaza is a new immersive AR interactive experience platform, combined with the unique optical label positioning technology, can be applied to indoor and outdoor environments. AR Plaza is not only to create an exclusive AR world, but also invite other users to explore together. AR PLAZA can bring you a virtual interactive experience that is more connected to the real world.



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