Artists' Role in LGBTQIAPK Events/Movements

泰國 LGBTQ 藝術家,熱愛所有泰國文化精髓並引以為傲。她在歌曲中融入獨特而原始的泰國民間歌唱元素,並透過歌詞訴說她從家鄉 Trad 來到首都曼谷的旅程,將自身經歷化為一篇篇真實而引人入勝的故事。Patcha以原創精神和她富有力量的嗓音,呈現泰式靈魂樂與電子樂的獨特風味,帶給樂迷豐富而飽滿的聽覺享受。

Patcha, LGBTQ artist with the love and proudness of all Thai essence and culture. Having a distinctive and original Thai folk tones of singing incorporate in her songs. As for her lyrics, it’s a genuine and fascinating story telling of the journey from her hometown Trad to the capital of Bangkok. Patcha’s originality adding with the powerfulness of her voice, gives a rich and fullness feeling. Presenting songs in the style of Thai Soul & Electronic.



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