Harris Cheng 鄭涵睿

The Positive Effect of Collaboration Between Celebrities and Brands in Advocating Environmental Friendliness

台大財務金融學士、麻省理工史隆管理學院 MBA。 2010 年創辦綠藤,以「讓更多永續選擇,在生活中發芽」為使命,透過創新產品與永續倡議,讓綠藤成為亞洲唯一五度蟬聯「對世界最好」環境面向大獎的 B 型企業。

Bachelor of Finance from National Taiwan University, MBA of MIT Sloan School of Management. Founded Greenvines in 2010, with the mission of “Let More Sustainable Choices Sprout in Life.” Through innovative products and sustainability initiatives, Greenvines is the only one in Asia to win the “Best to the World” Environmental Oriented Award of B Coporations for the past five consecutive years.



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