Chaz Jenkins


Chaz Jenkins 是全球音樂產業市場分析服務公司 Chartmetric 首席商務官,為音樂產業相關公司提供藝人發展、數位業務戰略和全球行銷方面的專業建議。曾創立多家獲葛萊美獎肯定的音樂廠牌、一家藝人經紀公司,以環球音樂集團的國際行銷副總裁。職業生涯致力於場館管理和展演推廣,與科技公司進行廣泛合作,並為英國及歐洲政府提出政策建議,亦曾於 Google Zeitgeist、MusicBiz、MIDEM 和 SXSW 等國際型會議發表演講。

Chaz Jenkins is Chief Commercial Officer at Chartmetric, the world’s leading market analytics service for the music industry. He also advises companies on artist development, digital business strategy and global marketing. He previously founded several Grammy Award-winning labels, an artist management company and was VP International Marketing at Universal Music Group. He began his career working in nightclub management and concert promotion. Chaz has worked extensively with technology companies and advised on UK and European government policy. He has also spoken widely at conferences including Google Zeitgeist, MusicBiz. MIDEM and SXSW.



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